It works with 20 BAR pressure LPG cylinders.
Standard picnic tube (2 kg) is executed. If you wish to run with 10-12 KG TUBE; In addition, the adapter must be installed and regulators
Solar powered battery recharges itself with solar panels.
Explosion interval settings are as 2 -5 -10-15-30 5 min.
Day and night has the option to run.
Solar recharges its battery and solar panel.
110 – 120 dB noise level is difficult.
The effective area of 25,000 m2.
It is easy and simple.
There CE certificate.

NOTE: The tripod will be sent on your request.

–  Sunflower and corn fields against birds
–  Orchards and vegetable gardens against birds, warthogs and wildlife.
–  Poultry farms, fish farms and other breeding farms against birds and other wild animals.
–  Feed plants and granaries against birds.
–  Bee hives against endamaging bears.
–  Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) programmes